I’m 38 years old and have been abducted 3 times (that I can at least remember). It started when I was 12 years old. I was in my bedroom star-gazing out of my window in Arlington, Texas at around 11:15 p.m. on November 22, 1992. I saw a light moving in the night sky that moved slowly south. It was not blinking and was like a hazy ball of white light. It would stop and go frequently and move in one direction then disappear and reappear going in another direction. I noticed it getting brighter as if it were getting closer to me. All of a sudden it stops and a beam of light comes straight at me. I fall back off of the table I was sitting on and I can’t see anything but white. My eyes were blurred and couldn’t see anything but light. I got cold and felt like I was floating.

Then I am all of a sudden in the presence of 3 beings and I’m laying on a metallic table. The beings were short and skinny with long arms. Their heads were elongated and their bodies were like a pale human with tinted skin of grey and had a texture of scales on their body and wrinkles on their face, especially near their eyes. Their eyes were slanted and large black shiny eyes. When they blinked, their eyelids were transparent like a reptile, almost clear. They had a small mouth and almost like a frown. I felt as if I was in a trance state. I could move but was too scared to, so I laid there and looked down at the straps holding my arms and legs. It looked like a type of flexible metal, but soft. They poked me with a needle that came down from the ceiling and a monitor was floating around me and I could see myself on the monitor. Like a floating TV going all around my body. I began to scream and the older one looked at me and spoke to me through my mind in a robotic-like human voice and told me I have nothing to worry about. All of a sudden I looked at him and thought what do you want, he responded we are here to help you. We are of many and we are one of the same. I asked “what do you mean we are the same” he looked at the other two beings and then the other smaller being said in a female robotic-like voice “we protect your race from others who want to harm you”. I then kept asking questions and they began to ignore me. They put a film of clear soft silk-like material over my face and I don’t remember anything after that. I woke up in my bedroom on the floor and wobbled my way to the window and they were gone. I looked at my clock and it was 11:34 p.m. it had only been 19 minutes but it felt like hours had gone by.

Throughout the years I have had multiple abductions and it’s just not something you go telling people without getting a weird look. Back in 2012 I began a blog online and explained many of my experiences and my computer would constantly crash and my computer even caught fire during a live chat with another person while talking about our experiences online. It began to make me nervous to go online researching things like this. I feel as if I’m being watched by our government. Through many of my abductions I have learned that the government is working hand-in-hand with them and it is bigger than I realize. There is something going on which I believe is a new form of genetic transformation of the human race. – JJ   NOTE: The above image is CGI.