I reported two sightings and one abduction and never even got an interview. Now I am a published author who {5th amendment censored) the (blank) and (blank) buildings as well as several (blank) agencies with a clever (blank) I wrote that made it impossible for me to be detected by the (blank) and MJ-12 attention. That being said, I have been abducted at least seven times that I am aware of since age 12 (possibly much younger) and I have an implant that is self aware enough to move away whenever I try to rip it out with something. Every x-ray I have requested of my arm has mysteriously not made it into my hands as hard evidence despite multiple attempts at ordering said screenings at my local hospitals or my PCP and even my chiropractor agreed to zoom out one x-ray to reveal whats in my arm and when the pics came in the mail, they were all there accepts the one I has asked for and a double print was sent instead.

 On the morning of November 27th I was visited by two men who looked nearly identical other than one had a gotee and one did not. Neither of them had distinguishing facial features such as wrinkle or signs of aging or even expressions for the most part as well as being dressed I suits that look like they just came fresh from the dry cleaner and pressed, immaculate beyond normal parameters. One referred to the other as E-E-7 at one point during our brief conversation. Their behavior was peculiar in an eccentric way, like a bad black and white alien invasion film, just not quite Human. They kind of pulled the good cop/bad cop cliché but the one without the gotee was clearly in charge and asked me several questions about my manuscript and the publishers that were interested in it as well as when or if I was planning to publish it. Then the other came out of left field angrily (which was odd since they displayed no real emotions or normal body language of any type) and raising his voice said, “It’s not right to steal things from corporations!” to which I responded, “It is when corruption of such threatens the security of the American public.” That’s when the lead agent calmed his partner and then he showed me a penny, heads up, 1983 (my birth year coincidentally) and it disintegrated in his palm to ash and scattered to the wind and then he said, “That could happen to your heart or your liver or a kidney Mr. Murphy. People get sick all the time with ailments that baffle modern doctors.” I told him I was done with this conversation and he said “We’ll be seeing you real soon Mr. Murphy.” and I quickly went inside. They had originally asked to come in to which I refused and lit a cigarette and told them I have children (who were at school) and didn’t smoke inside. There was no way I was letting them in. I’d of ended up suicided like poor Phil Schneider. Anyway, after I had gone in, I soon realized I was still smoking so I stepped back outside after all of maybe three seconds had elapsed and they were gone. I live on the second floor and you always hear the railway and staircase rattle with even the softest steps and these two men were no where to be seen like they vanished. The other thing is, I have company quite often, children and a fiancé and we are usually never out of the house and almost always have company or neighbors about. How did they know the exact moment to show up where it just happened that none of my usual busy home activities were going on and there were literally no witnesses to corroborate my story. Peculiar indeed. I live in one of the trashiest, ghetto areas of my town where all the junkies, hookers and drugs are and this government plate black 1972 Mercedes Benz in cherry condition with tinted windows rolls down my alley one day while I’m smoking downstairs and stops for thirty seconds while I smoked and it was a rainy, muddy day and the alley is full of potholes and there was not a single blemish on that car. Physically impossible right? So I’m smoking and looking at them stopped there through my peripheral trying not to look like I was looking and then they just pulled off. A car like that has no earthly business in my ghetto neighborhood and I watched it drive out the alley back to the main street so they weren’t there for drugs or prostitutes, etc. Since and before that incident, I and several neighbors of mine have noticed black unmarked SUVs and other Mercedes unblemished as always parked in strange places at all hours throughout the area. We also witnessed some very low flying black unmarked helicopters flying about as usual.

As I reported twice before, we all saw many UFOs and even photographed one and I made several MUFON reports and was more or less ignored. I have just recently published the book of which these MIB were so concerned about and plan to investigate the Grand Canyon and Dulce, NM this late spring as I plan and plot my next book. I think it’s about time that MUFON took my case seriously and the agent assigned to interview me blew me off three times and I request that you reassign someone more seriously sincere to the MUFON cause to my case as well as considering the facts that I have had seven known abductions, an implant, every symptom of abductee behavior, one threatening encounter with the ‘ants’ (hive minded hybrids of the Draco-Orion collectivists) and later on, threatened by the actually Men in Black of Project Delta. I have also made telepathic contact with a Pleiadian named Azhuril who I came to find out was my half sister by blood. She died in the Andro-Pleiadian war effort against the Draco-Orionite collectivists recently but not before revealing to me that I was a hybrid myself allowed live birth by my mother who was an abductee (who refuses to come to grips with reality) and that I am in fact 50% Pleiadian and 50% Homo Sapien Indigo which makes me an even larger threat to their agenda but they can’t suicide me now. I’m published and any unusual death I were to suffer would blow up my book and to quote my favorite 1990’s tv series, “Turn one man’s quest into a crusade.” The truth is out there and I stole some of it from them and their mad but they can’t touch me now. My book says it all. I did not reveal all of my (blank) files in the book because Azhuril had wished me to keep something bsck as collateral to ensure they won’t kill me. I gave it to a secret friend we’ll call Mr. Saintly and should anything happen to me, the information including video recording from within the Dulce NM base itself will go viral on the internet. Call it my life insurance policy. Is MUFON ready to take my situation seriously yet? Because I have a lot to say and need only an ear to hear it. I believe that Hangar 1 could benefit from what I have to offer so send an agent of MUFON who is truly committed to the cause to interview me because the guy you got in Oregon is a little flaky and I have patiently waited since April to talk to you guys. I want to help as well. I want to become a field investigator. Hell, I’m in college for anthropology already and I have been a UFO hunter forever. I must speak with someone who takes my case seriously and I must speak with them soon. Please consider meeting with me in Eugene OR. If possible, I believe my case is worthy of a more ‘ranking’ or ‘senior’ member’s attention so that my story doesn’t continue to go untold. The content of my book does not discuss my abduction or contactee experiences, only my research and evidence so please come and interview me as soon as your earliest convenience. The future is changing soon and the world needs to know.  NOTE: The above image is a rendering