A small civilian airliner for Aurigny Air Travel left the runway at Southampton on its way tho the island of Alderney. It was a flight that was expected to take 45 minutes, much as it had for the eight years the pilot, Ray Bowyer, had been flying the route.

They were soon at an altitude of around 4,000 feet, and with the plane on autopilot, Bowyer was filling out the necessary paperwork. As he did so, however, he noticed a strange bright yellow glow up ahead. Thinking at first it might be the reflection of the sun playing tricks with his sight, he continued to watch the bizarre glow.

When he began to make out a very visible and distinctive shape within the glow, however, he realized he was viewing a solid object.

He would report that the object was oval-shaped, relatively thin, and with very definite points at each end. What’s more, within the “brilliant yellow” of the craft was a dark band that went right the way around it.

Bowyer would contact the control tower to exclude the possibility of another aircraft in the same airspace. There was, as was expected, no other aircraft planned to be in the same region of the sky as Bowyer’s flight. The radar operator, however, would claim to have received a slight return on the radar, suggesting that something anomalous did indeed appear to be in Bowyer’s airspace.

It was as he was focusing on the object that a passenger in the aircraft spotted a second, identical craft just behind the first one. They would immediately point this out to Bowyer who quickly confirmed he too could see the second craft.

The closer he got to the two strange objects, the more he could see they were the shape of a “flattened disc”. What’s more, they had a “dark area to their right” and light appeared to “emanate from within” the crafts themselves.

Around this time, the radar tower received word from another pilot in the area. However, he could, like the radar operator, only see one strange object.

Why could Bowyer see two? Was it merely his closer proximity to them? Or might it, like we speculated in our main account above, suggest some kind of projection technology?

They Are “Not From Around Here!”

Bowyer continued onwards, watching the two strange crafts as he did so and consequently taking himself off course for his descent.

As he did so, the two crafts appeared to stack themselves, with one on top of the other. As they did so, Bowyer noticed an area in the middle of the crafts that appeared to “pulsate”. And what’s more, several colorful sparks appeared to fly out of this area.

It is perhaps this that raised concerns for his and his passengers’ safety that prompted Bowyer to finally begin his descent. By the time he was approaching the runway, the objects were no longer visible, hidden as they were behind the haze and cloud of the day.

This in itself is perhaps an interesting thing to think about. How often, even on a partly cloudy day might strange, otherworldly objects be hovering over us? And even then, how many equally otherworldly objects might do so that we just can not see?

For his part in the incident, Bowyer would state that he “was glad to get on the ground” following the incident. Perhaps of more intrigue, though, while he would stop short of saying the crafts were of extraterrestrial origin, he would state that they were “not from around here”. NOTE: The above image is the witness rendering. NOTE: The above image is CGI.