Date of Sighting: October 17, 1965
Time of Sighting: 7:15 PM PDT
Location of Sighting: La Jolla, California (See Map)

Description: My flying saucer encounter compared with what I have read about other people’s encounters mine is rather tame, and it is old, but I would like to have it on record. I am an engineer having worked for companies involved in the design of aircraft, missiles, outer space vehicles and the like, as well as a math professor, having taught at Long Island University, Brooklyn campus, some 25 years ago.

This is my encounter:
My then girlfriend (wife now) lived in La Jolla, California right off the beaches. On Sunday night, October 17, 1965, at 7: 15 PM, we were walking along the edge of the beach only 1 block from our apartment. We were very startled and amazed, when suddenly there came into view 4 flying saucers, going southbound, about 1/2 mile inland and less than 1/2 mile in height. They were flying in a diagonal line formation, were definitely piloted. They were moving and separately undulating up and down as though slightly buffeted by the wind. They emitted no lights and made not a single perceptible sound. We had been easily hearing birds chirping in the distance, but no engine sound or even a sound of airflow was perceptible, and the day was bright and clear and otherwise quiet. We were just out of earshot of the sound of waves hitting the beach. These vehicles were not birds, not balloons, airplanes, not swamp gas, not temperature inversions, not kites, not anything but saucer shaped vehicles. There could be no way we could be mistaken as everything was in day ¬clear close view. My eyes happened to concentrate on the under rim of the saucers. I saw a dark brown colored rim on the underside of the saucers of perhaps 2 feet in width. The vehicles otherwise were approximately the color of aluminum. I saw 3 hemispheric undercarriages spaced circularly at 120 degrees apart. I saw portholes. My girlfriend’s vision happened to concentrate on the top most portion and she saw yellow light in the portholes.

They flew past us at perhaps 350 miles per hour and we had them in view maybe 6 seconds in all. They were less than 1/2 mile from us at the closest point. Based on the angle subtended by the vehicles and my estimate of the distance to them, l would make an educated guess that their sizes were about 150 feet in diameter each and perhaps 20 feet in height not counting the height of their undercarriages. They flew in the direction of San Diego Airport and seemed to be totally unconcerned at being seen or if it was a danger to them. They appeared to be their own masters. I phoned the San Diego Airport, the Miramar Naval Station and informed them as Well as the local police. The police told me they had not received any calls thus far. Miramar Naval Station recorded my phone conversation. After this encounter, my friend and I found a book in the library called “Flying Saucers from Outer Space”, written maybe in 1955. On one page there was a drawing of a flying saucer. As soon as we saw it, we both said to each other ” that is just what we saw.” My girlfriend became very frightened at this incident. Having worked as a mechanical engineer in the Space industry for 20 years and being well up on every flying vehicle known to man, for one thing I know of no vehicle now or even contemplated, that can fly without a very noisy engine to power it. If there was a noiseless engine it would have been put to very good use a long time ago.

Note: This witness should know the difference between a conventional aircraft and a UFO. I believe him. The sighting must be “thoroughly etched” in his memory given that he remembers the date of an event that occurred nearly 46 years ago. NOTE: The above image is CGI.


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My father was stationed at Federal Penitentiary outside of Boron CA. (Generally the federal government assigned former military outpost or government related properties to serve as federal penitentiaries.) We lived in the former military housing of this once radio communications transmission outpost for Edwards Air Force Base. We were 33 miles from Edwards. It’s now abandoned. One afternoon in the fall of 1979 I was walking home from the bus stop with my sister to discover a extremely large very low flying ‘ship’ moving toward us from the west and hovering directly above our house. It was a massive ship and shaped like the tip of an obselisk and MASSIVE It was so close I could see clearly the underside of the ship. The ship was black, the surface was textured like sand. The underside of the ship had recessed symbols and shapes; trapezoids triangle and other geometric patterns that looked hieroglyphic. The ship was massive. It was larger than our home and made no sound at all. My sister and I stared at it for about 35 seconds. The ship then ascended directly up words slowly by about 50 feet then slid back towards the west and 50 feet then zagged to the right or east another 75 feet or so. It then shot to the north east like a bullet. My sister and I waited to hear the sonic boom as we were accustomed to seeing the space shuttle maneuvers. We never heard it there was no sonic boom and at that speed it should’ve generated one. About 10 years after that event I met Chuck Yeager through one of my former classmates whose father served and was very close to Mr. Yeager. After I described to him in detail what I saw he answered me saying it was probably the Harrier AV-8B at which I laughed; it wasn’t remotely similar. I can send to you a Google Maps pin drop of the exact location/house of where I saw the ship Thank you for your time. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  NOTE: The image is my CGI.