A Strange Encounter On A Vacated Highway In Volgograd, Russia, 1999

Just over a week later, on the 12th December in Volgograd in Russia, another incident would unfold with strange humanoid creatures. According to a report which comes from UFO researcher, Anton Belousov, the witness – a woman named Larissa – was a passenger driving along a lonely highway with her father at around 9:30 pm when she noticed “two figures dressed in black” at the roadside.

Several moments later, a strange, thick, yellow fog appeared out of nowhere and completely enveloped their vehicle. As she stared over at her father, he appeared to be intentionally ignoring the bizarre situation. Instead, he was focused fully on the road ahead, ignoring the questions from his daughter as to what the strange men and fog might be.

Then, a sudden and loud “clang” came out of nowhere, startling Larissa somewhat. Even more startling was the strange voice urging them “keep traveling”. A voice, incidentally, she heard in her head only and that was most definitely not hers.

The next thing the pair realized they were parked at the roadside. The lights of the impending village were visible in the distance in front of them. However, neither could remember traveling there. Nor could they account for a large portion of missing time.

They would drive on to their destination, confused and tired. The following morning they would go through what they could recall. Larissa’s father would claim to have memories of “two large heads with slanted eyes looking at him”.

Their vague memories were enough for them to seek hypnotic regression. The revelations from these sessions were remarkable, to say the least.

They would recall that shortly after entering the thick yellow fog, a strange “black, shiny triangular craft” was visible hovering over the vehicle. It would descend and land on the road in front of them blocking their path.

Even through regression, they couldn’t recall how they had made their way inside the craft but that was their next memory. Inside the room with them were two strange humanoids. Each had an oversized head and two large, black eyes – much like Larissa’s father recalled the morning after the encounter.

Larissa would further recall entering into a telepathic dialogue with the strange entities, although not understanding how she did so. She would also recall being sat in a strange chair that appeared specifically molded for her. Around her were another four of the strange humanoids.

Although her memories were increasingly disjointed, one of the most intriguing claims was of being handed a “human-alien hybrid baby”, which like the humanoids had an oversized head, but sparkling blue eyes.

For all of the harrowing experiences, each had the feeling that the strange creatures were very much “benevolent”.The next thing each recalled is waking sitting in their parked car at the roadside. NOTE: The above image is CGI





THANKS TO MARCUS LOWTH AND https://www.ufoinsight.com