For full disclosure, I am a Psychic Medium, Energy healer, and do energy work. I am interested in paranormal investigation, focusing mainly on helping stuck spirits cross over. I have been extremely scared of aliens since my twenties, and only recently became interested in the subject. I do have memories of (hybrid) children that I believe I had in my twenties, but have only recently began to explore that. As well said, the thought of extraterrestrials has really scared me since then, though I do have good memories of them friends m childhood, though those were blue humanoids, and the ones from my twenties were grey humanoids. I can share those stories if there is any interest in me doing so. I am 51 years old, married 33 years, have 4 adult children and 4 grandkids. I’ve had a few experiences, including memories from my childhood and twenty’s.

I’m going to focus on these past two On 4/26/2023 I had what I refer to as “dreams”. All night I see and interact with extraterrestrials, see ships, walk down hallways etc… This time I don’t remember interacting with a being, but I do remember walking through a vessel, being in a brightly lit, steel colored room, and feeling the presence of others. My husband said that he slept weird, but couldn’t (or wouldn’t) give me any particulars. I woke up at around 7a.m., and walked into the living room. I had to support myself on the wall. I sat on the couch, and the room was spinning around me, I was dizzy, extremely nauseous, and had loud ringing in my ears. Honestly, I felt like I was extremely drunk, despite not having any alcohol in 20+ years, and the ear ringing sounded like it did when I was younger and went to punk rock concerts. I did see a dr, who said it was most likely vertigo.

The timing was weird to me. On 12/20/2022 I again had “dreams” all night about extraterrestrials. This time the beings were blue humanoids (the same ones I remember from my childhood). Like the few times before, the next morning I wake up feeling out of it mentally (ditzy) and am extremely clumsy (much more so than normal). This time I remember so well because I feel stepping onto the sidewalk, and despite wearing jeans, skinned my knee bad enough to leave a good size scar. The following day I trip going up our concrete stairs (I live on the second floor) and skinned my other knee. I don’t normally trip, fall and injure myself. The times I have felt so unsteady was following nights of “dreams”. For a couple of months fallowing the Dec incident, I woke up with weird bruises and marks on my calves and feet. One morning I woke up and found that the right side of each of my big toes, were broken about halfway to the base. Another morning my middle toes on each foot , nails were broken far down as well. The toe and foot stuff has thankfully stopped. NOTE; The above image is CGI.




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Judy Doraty was someone who, on the night of May 23, 1973, most definitely found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. On the star-filled night when her world was ripped apart, Doraty was driving home from a bingo game, outside of the Texan city of Houston. Also along for the game and the drive home were Doraty’s teenage daughter, her brother-in-law, her sister, and her mother. They had a great time. But, something was about to intervene in a terrifying way. As the drive progressed, the family caught sight of a strange, large and bright light in the sky. They were all perplexed – and even a bit concerned – by the fact that the object seemed to be shadowing them: wherever they drove, the light seemed to follow. At first, they thought it might have been a helicopter heading for Galveston’s airport, Scholes International Airport. But, a careful look revealed it was not a helicopter, after all. It was…something else. This was not a good sign. It only proceeded to get worse.

As Judy reached a darkened pasture in a rural part of the area, she brought the car to a stop and got out. The light in the sky – seemingly responding to her actions – suddenly came closer; much closer. In seconds, and to their complete amazement and shock, the light could now be seen for what it really was: a massive, circular-shaped craft which swooped silently and effortlessly over them. It then headed towards a nearby field and, as the group looked on, shot vertically into the sky and vanished in seconds. Or, that’s what seemed to have happened. Like so many people who have been subjected to the alien abduction experience, in the days that followed what was clearly a very close encounter, Judy began to realize that there had been more to the encounter than she consciously realized. Her dreams became outright nightmares. They were filled with terror and graphic images of UFOs. Fragments of disturbing memories were fighting to be freed from Judy’s subconscious. For years, though, Judy suffered in silence, with pummeling headaches and those awful dreams.

It wasn’t until 1980 – when Judy Doraty was hypnotized by Professor Leo Sprinkle of the University of Wyoming – that the full picture became clear. Just like Betty and Barney Hill more than a decade earlier, Doraty’s mind had been wiped to a huge degree. At least, until Sprinkle was able to retrieve some of that missing time. In her hypnotized state, Doraty recalled getting out of the car and then seeing a spotlight hit the trunk. This was no normal spotlight, however. Doraty said that the light seemed to have what she called “substance” to it. Somehow, the light lifted a struggling, squirming, brown and white calf into the air and from the same field near to where the family had stopped. Then, something very weird happened.

Although, under hypnosis, Doraty recalled being outside of her vehicle, and on the ground, it was as if her mind had somehow been relocated to the craft. She seemed to have recall of two very different things, but which were going on simultaneously. She told a horrific story: the calf was rapidly and systematically dissected and its body was dropped backed to the ground with a thud. Doraty also had vague memories under the hypnosis of her daughter having been abducted and examined, but by whom and why remained unclear. It was a trauma-filled experience which may have given Doraty a significant number of answers, but which hardly made her feel relaxed.

Under the hypnosis, and in terms of the violent mutilation and killing of the calf, Doraty said of the aliens that, “They’ve been testing, they’ve been here for quite some time and they test the soil as well as our water, as well as our animal life and vegetation. There’s a lot involved. More than just pollution. Their concern is loss of life. There is going to be a big loss of life due to this.” When questioned further, Judy answered that the loss of life would be due to “nuclear waste or testing.”  NOTE: The above image is CGI.





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El Paso, Texas – December 1, 2014 at approx. 1:30am: I was asleep in my bed on my day off from work. Suddenly, I got the sensation of floating above the bed. I awoke and instantly dropped to the bed. Upon awaking, I remembered hearing voices. I assumed that the voices were what woke me up and someone was outside (I lived on 7 acres and my house was far back from the road. In order to hear voices meant that someone was in my yard). I grabbed my gun and went to the window, which was open as it was a cool night and I didn’t want to run the A/C. I sat and listened for a few minutes, but heard nothing. I decided to check on my daughters to see if they were awake, so I placed my gun on the bed and crept back to their rooms. Both girls were asleep. I returned to my bed and slept with my gun by my side the rest of the night.  The next morning I awoke with discomfort in my chest, along the bottom of the sternum. It wasn’t painful, just felt like something was there. I know that when you reach your 40s the cartilage will ostracize. I felt my chest and felt a triangular shaped structure in my chest and just assumed that it had just fused strangely. I just never noticed this before as it was sticking out raising the skin around it. The discomfort lasted about 1 1/2-2 weeks and slowly dissipated during that time. I dismissed all of this as mere coincidence as I didn’t believe in this sort of thing.

December 3, 2016 – 1:37am: I was asleep in my bed. My wife had moved back in with me (we had been separated for about 8 years) along with her two dogs (Chihuahuas; Alex-the white one who slept between us and CC-the black one who slept on my wife’s side of the bed). I awoke suddenly to the sensation of floating above the bed. Immediately I felt the drop and landed on Alex, who was under the covers (both times, I landed above the covers). She yelped very loudly and woke everyone up in the house. My wife asked, “what happened?” “I don’t know,” I replied. “I landed on the dog. Was I floating above the bed?” She replied that she didn’t know as she reached for Alex to comfort her. The next morning, I felt this discomfort in my ear which lasted about 4 1/2 weeks. Once again it didn’t hurt, it just felt like an earache that wouldn’t go away.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.








I’m turning to you so that maybe someone else has had a similar experience and can help me, because I feel like I’m going crazy. I live in Pearland Texas, a suburb of Houston.

A few days ago, early morning of the 12th of September, I awoke with with strange visual (what I at first thought were hallucinations or that I’d been possibly drugged. The ceiling appeared to have swirling colors of pink and a greenish blue.

I looked to my right and saw something in my bathroom. It was small, I thought maybe a squirrel or raccoon had gotten in the house. I closed the door to trap it, but upon a closer inspection, nothing was there.

I heard what I thought were voices and strange noises coming from my neighbors’ yard. From my window, it looked like my neighbors were building a very large tall bench swing, there was a red color coming from this area.

I thought that the neighbors were maybe playing with lights of some sort and that this may have been the reason for the strange colors in my bedroom. This all happened around midnight. I wanted to find out what was possibly happening next door so I went downstairs.

As I was reaching the stairs I noticed an unrecognizable symbol on the wall that seemed to be made of blue light. When I touched it, it felt warm. This light also cast a blue reflection on the white enamel paint of the bannister.

I realized that this could not have been a reflection from next door because of the lack of windows in my staircase. When I got outside, it was quiet. I asked “hello” and didn’t get an immediate response.

The air felt staticy and it felt as though if I touched anything that I’d receive a shock. When I peered through the fence I saw ten black spheres; Four on top, three below, then two and one, like an inverted triangle.

It rose slightly, then the top left sphere broke away from the others and came towards me. At first I panicked and could not move. As I looked into this sphere, it had an iridescence to it that made me feel calm when I looked at it.

I do not remember going back to my room, I just remember being there. I noticed the clock said 1:45am. I also noticed some dried crusty blood around my right nostril. The room still had those two strange colors moving all around the surfaces of the walls and ceiling.

Not understanding what was happening, I jumped into bed and buried my face in the pillows. I woke the next morning with the distinct feeling that this was real and not a dream. There were still bits of dried blood in my nostril and for a few days after, the area just to the side of my nostril still hurt.

Deep under the skin like when a pimple is coming up. Then it went away. I know this happened to me, everything inside me says it was real.

I have no way of explaining it and I have no real way of filing it away in my mind like you would with a normal experience.

If any of your readers have had anything like this happen to them, would you please let me know because this experience has made me feel so alone.

Thank you much, Michael D.   NOTE: The above image is CGI.