Bizarre Abduction Incident In The Early Hours Of Christmas Day, 2016, Laguna Hills, California?

The incident in question was submitted to MUFON’s online sightings and incidents website concerning an apparent alien abduction encounter in the Laguna Hills region of California in the early hours of Christmas Day 2016.

According to the report, at a little after 3 am the witness would state to have awakened to a “commotion in my bedroom”. The witness believed this commotion involved his wife and daughter. However, he would make the decision to return to sleep as opposed to see what the matter was. However, after they had seemingly left the room but failed to return after several minutes, the witness ventured out to investigate.

He would find them asleep in his daughter’s room, apparently the commotion was the cleaning up after their pet dog, who left a mess in their bedroom. This behavior was strange in itself for their 7-year-old pet, and something we will return to later. He would change the sheets, and leave the pair sleeping where they were and return to bed. A little more awake now, he switched on the television. After somewhere approaching an hour he could feel himself becoming sleepy once more.

The next thing he knew, he was waking up with a sense of fear running through him. He recalled having an intense nightmare which he began to sort through in his mind. Then, all of a sudden, he could sense “static electricity all around” his body. As he tried to move, the electric feeling grew stronger. Furthermore, his movements became increasingly difficult, as though he was going into paralysis.

It was then, he would recall, that he “knew ‘they’ were coming”.

A Sudden Sense Of “Euphoria, Excitement, And Elation!”

It was as he was turning on to his right-hand side that he finally lost the ability to move completely. His vision was a strange “blackish grey and fuzzy”, as though he was seeing through the static field itself.

As he helplessly looked on, a strange creature suddenly “materialized” through the wall and approached him. It looked distinctively like a typical grey alien, standing approximately five feet tall. The creature would reach forward and after grabbing and squeezing the witness’s hand, began to communicate telepathically with him. He would recall that while this was happening, a sense of “euphoria, excitement, and elation” surged through him.

After several more moments, the entity disappeared back through the wall, leaving the witness, still paralyzed, laying on the bed. Shortly after, both the static electric atmosphere dissipated, and the paralysis wore off.

He remained on the bed for some time. First in a state of confusion and shock. Then, however, with a sense of “peace of mind” and reassurance, he would drift into sleep.

Alien Abduction Victims “Cosmic Guinea Pigs” Their Entire Lives?

When he awoke next it was 8:30 am with his wife waking several minutes later. He would immediately tell her of the encounter, and much to his surprise, she would fully believe his account without question.

Their pet dog, she would reason, had likely made a mess in their bedroom, remember behavior completely at odds with its personality, because it could sense “something” in the minutes leading up to the incident. She would further recall that their dog had been acting strangely for several hours before the apparent incident. So much so, that she and their daughter were awake long after her husband, concerned for its general health.

What’s more, the witness would claim that he had a lifetime of strange sightings and incidents behind him. Many of these incidents would present themselves to him in his dreams. He knew, however, that they were very real events.

While we, as always, must treat such accounts with caution, it is interesting that many people who claim to have suffered one incident of alien abduction often go on to recall a lifetime of similar incidents. Indeed, it would appear that the apparent victims of alien abduction are unlikely to suffer the one, single abduction.

Rather chillingly, it would appear they are “cosmic guinea pigs” of sorts, subject to experiments and data collection across their entire lives. And perhaps even more ominously, these events will very likely replicate in the lives of their children, much like it very likely does in the lives of their parents and grandparents. NOTE: The above image is CGI.









First I will state that I have never been interested in aliens or UFOs. I’ve honestly always been pretty scared of the whole thing. I remember seeing the film ‘Signs’ when I was 12 and it literally terrified me for weeks. I’ve thought of this phenomena as science fiction until I experienced something that I presume most of you won’t believe and that’s fine. I’m posting my story here because I haven’t talked to anyone about it at all and I just feel the need to put it out there.

Three months ago (Summer 2017) I was camping with a friend in a very remote part of Northern California. I’m a massive wilderness junkie. I’ve been camping all my life and I spend much of my free time hiking, rock climbing, hunting, ect.

A buddy of mine, who also enjoys the outdoors, wanted to head up to the Sierra Nevadas for a weekend and asked me to go with him. It was our second night and we were sitting up by the fire. We weren’t staying at a campsite. We had hiked about 10 miles from our cars to a clearing with a beautiful view. He had stayed there once before.

It was around 10pm and we ate some food and were just checking out the stars. He was tired and went to sleep in his tent. I wanted to stay up for a while and about 45 minutes after he went to bed I saw this object coming up from the valley below. It was a basic flying saucer shape with multiple circular lights rotating around the edges that changed colors over and over. I was absolutely shocked.

I watched it for maybe 15 seconds, then decided I had to wake him up so he could see it and wouldn’t think I was crazy. I stood and when I looked back towards it, the thing was gone. I called out his name and that’s when everything got really f**ked up.

I didn’t hear my own voice when I called out. Everything was completely silent. I could move my eyes around but couldn’t move my body. I remember seeing the fire had completely frozen. Everything looked like a picture, like time had stopped or something. Then there was a flash of light and I blacked out.

I woke up later just as the sun was starting to rise. I was outside laying in the dirt shivering next to fire the that had long gone out. I felt like I had been drugged, totally in this haze. I sluggishly yelled out his name a couple of times and he came out of the tent. He was really confused to say the least. I tried to explain what happened but my memory was really foggy and I just couldn’t articulate it. We left within 30 minutes. I was totally silent on the car ride back, falling in and out of sleep for 7 hours. He dropped me off at my house and I passed out for basically an entire day.

A few weeks later I was messing around with an amp and it released this static ‘oooooooo’ sound when I unplugged my guitar. For some reason this sound somehow triggered my memory and I remembered everything.

When I came back into consciousness I was suspended laterally in this circular mechanism in a position very similar to Da Vinci’s ‘Vitruvian Man.’ These clear glasslike shackle-type restraints were holding me in place. I was completely nude and standing above me were three typical Greys. They were around 4ft tall and were wearing white spandex like suits. Two were just standing there observing the other who was extracting blood from a vein under my armpit with this weird looking syringe. Although they didn’t show a real reaction I could just tell that they were surprised that I was awake.

I couldn’t move at all except for my eyes and lips. I was absolutely terrified, in a sort of ‘fight or flight’ mode, my heart began pounding from an influx of adrenaline. I can’t even begin to tell you how scared I was, but I also felt total rage. I wanted to kill them…wanted to rip out of this device and completely destroy them. My brain went totally primal, just animal instinct and I could just tell that they could sense my anger because they all stepped back, simultaneously. I’m 6’3″ 185 lbs and I was hoping I looked as threatening as possible, which is silly because I was totally paralyzed and therefore completely harmless.

Two of them disappeared from my view and presumably left the room. The other one was just staring at me void of any emotion. I wanted so badly to just shut my eyes, but I forced myself to just stare right back at it. Trying my hardest not to blink.

Then the two Greys came back and now they weren’t alone. I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes, standing behind them were two very tall, very human-looking beings. A male and female they looked like Norse Gods. They both had bright golden hair and massive eyes. The male’s eyes were dark blue and female’s eyes were violet.

I suppose they are what the UFO community refers to as Nordics. This was quite bizarre to me. My family descended from Sweden and I am very Nordic looking…blonde hair, blue eyes, the works.

I know this is cliché, but I heard a feminine voice in my mind. For some reason I could understand what she was telling me although it wasn’t like she was saying anything in English. It’s really hard to explain but I just knew. She told me something like “Be calm…you are not in danger.”

I relaxed and asked her what they wanted with me. She said that they were just “checking up on me.” I practically black out after hearing that. I asked her what she meant. She said that they had “saved me when I first came into being.” I immediately knew exactly what she was talking about.

I was born practically two months premature. My mother was horribly sick during labor. We both had fevers of 104 degrees F. The strange thing is, the doctors had absolutely no idea what was wrong with us. I was given two spinal taps, my mother was given three. I spent four nights in that bubble housing ICU thing. There was a decent chance I was going to die. Then one day I started getting better and made a full recovery. The doctors were very worried that the whole ordeal might have permanently damaged my body and possibly my brain but I was totally fine.

I asked her “why did you save me?” This time I heard a deep male voice stating that “this is a conversation for a later time.” I asked them if they are human. He said no. I was confused considering that they looked quite human. I asked him if man had come from them. He said yes…hat they had come here 200,000 years ago and created mankind by combining their DNA with that of our primate ancestors.

I wanted to know why they looked especially similar to me more than other humans. He stated that many males of their kind found female humans attractive and mated with them. This directly passed on some of their physical features to Nordic peoples.

I wanted to know more but they declined and said it was time for me to go back. I blacked out instantly and woke up by the extinguished campfire, clothes on and shivering.

I understand that this sounds absolutely ridiculous and very impossible. But it happened. I don’t know what to do. I’ve been completely lost since the encounter. I’ve been looking into a lot theories on alien/human links practically day and night since this happened. – W

NOTE: The experiencer was asked about his blood type. It is O negative. It does seem that the negative Rh factor originates in Northern Europe / Scandinavia, according to information I have researched. Is this relevant to the abduction phenomena? Possibly. But it is an interesting trait that is found among many, if not a majority, of experiencers / abductees. Lon   NOTE” The above image is CGI.








I was about to take a nap in a friend’s loft on the 5th floor of an apartment building on Market Street in San Francisco in the spring of 1994. I was lying down for about a half hour and not asleep when suddenly a tall white alien figure about 7 feet tall appeared at the right side of the loft bed. It had large blue eyes and a huge white head with two dots for nostrils and a tiny mouth. It had skinny pencil thin arms torso and legs. All long. It was waving its arms up and down and suddenly touched me and numbed me with its left arm closest to the bed. I could not move. Then another tall white head appeared at the right end of the bed and it looked like the other tall white alien. It also numbed me with its waving skinny arm and they both lifted me up and took me through a large window at the foot of the loft and the last thing I remember was looking down over Market Street.

The next thing I remember was being on a metal table aboard their ship I guess. Several aliens of various sizes were standing around me in a room and there were curtains around the table I was on. one of them had a large needle like object. One of the tall whites told me through telepathy that they were not going to harm me and would return me soon. I was scared but the next thing I remember is waking up back in the loft.

I told my friend when she returned as she did alien paintings and I think they were looking to abduct her. not me, because she had had many strange experiences. I had no disruption to my life there after oddly enough and no nightmares.  Years later I did trauma therapy with Jed Turnbull in Manhattan and he works with the group of abductees in New York City, he said as long as it does not affect my life then not to worry.  It hasn’t really affected my life. I think like many abductees I have read about, I wondered if it really happened, but I know it did. – MUFON    The above image is CGI







Hello – I am writing to you on behalf of my wife. We have been married almost 22 years and I first heard her story 21 or so years ago. She doesn’t talk about it much but recent events have brought her story back up. My wife and her friend were walking home from junior high school in Fontana, CA around 1985 when a large disc shaped object appeared instantly out of the sky just above them. They didn’t see it approach, it was all of a sudden just there, hovering just above the tops of the buildings. What happened next is unknown. My wife and her friend both remember being at home the very next moment, with no recollection of how they got home. They both questioned each other to confirm that they saw the same thing and they did and neither of them could remember walking home, and several hours had passed. After high school, my wife and her friend ended up going separate ways and did not talk again for maybe 20 years. By then my wife and I had already been together for some time and I had heard her story. Because she remembers so very little other than the ship and then mysteriously waking up at home, she doesn’t have a whole lot to say. She is a very pragmatic person and has never tried to embellish the events and has always kept a very consistent retelling. As I mentioned, my wife and her friend went separate ways after high school. Several years ago, my wife’s friend wanted to corroborate her story again so she went on a search for us and she did locate us. Her and my wife reconnected and retold their stories to each other and my wife’s friend story was identical to my wife’s. During their conversation, they both brought up the fact that they think they were given implants. Neither my wife or her friend had ever had surgery in the areas they feel their implants are located. It can easily be felt just below the surface of the skin. I am contacting you because after looking up similar experiences online, we would like some answers, and possibly have the implants reviewed by a professional to confirm if they are really implants. Thank You.   NOTE: The above image is cgi.







“I spent three decades of my life on the radio so my credibility as a broadcaster might be thrown right out the door tonight. On the 11th of August, 1975, I was in Clovis, California, at my girlfriend’s house out by the pool when two jet fighters flew directly over our house, maybe 100 feet off the ground. Now, spending 5 years in civil air patrol, I know that jet fighters are not supposed to fly that low over houses, although we were in a remote area. They were so close to each other they looked like one plane and I saw them before I heard them. I got up and turned around 180 degrees and they were at eye level with me. They flew really fast. One went one way and the other went the opposite with way, so they went 90 degree angles away from each other. Then I laid back down and what did I see? Up in the sky right ahead of me, an object.  I learned to fly at 15 years old and I’m pretty familiar with aerodynamics and how planes move and this object, it looked like it was glinting off the fuselage and we weren’t that far from the airport, maybe 12 miles, so I thought okay, it’s the plane. All of a sudden it did a 90 degree turn. I could not believe it so I get up and I tried to get someone’s attention in the house because now I realize what I’m seeing – it’s a UFO. And I’ve never seen…

Now this was in the evening about 7 o’clock. This is the 11th of August, 1975. I was watching this thing move and I couldn’t talk and all of a sudden I couldn’t get anyone to notice. I was just going – uh, uh, uh, uh – trying to get people’s attention. Then this UFO turned into a bright white light. Now this is the weird part. I documented this in a column update years ago but I’ve never talked about it to too many people. And that’s all I remember. As soon as I saw that bright white light. Next thing I remember is I see swirling lights in front of me, like somebody is on an LSD trip or something and I want to tell you something, I was not. I see these lights and then all of a sudden it’s dark. I didn’t even realize I’d been missing until I went back in the house. Everybody is angry with me because I missed dinner. To me, I never left the backyard. I didn’t even get the fact that I was missing time. I was gone for like two and a half hours but I never left the backyard. Now my girlfriend, this is the beginning of the end for that relationship because my girlfriend’s parents never really liked me after that and I had been living with her for years.  I had several paranormal experiences after that. The thing I’m saying is that if I was abducted, I don’t remember anything. There was no aliens involved. I lost time, that’s all I recall, like I said. What the heck happened to me?”  NOTE: The above image is CGI.